Getting Crysis 64-bit to work on Windows 7 64-bit

Summary: Get Crysis 64-bit working on Windows 7 64-bit with this super-easy tweak.

Update: if you’re tried the tip below and Crysis still isn’t working, check out Rekonzuken’s comment.

I recently did a Fresh install of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit, and everything has been working perfectly…except Crysis! (the 64-bit version) When I would go to run it, I would get a blank screen and then it would crash after a while.

I’ve seen a few threads on the Internet about this, so I know I’m not the only one trying to play Crysis x64 on Windows 7. Thankfully, it’s really easy to fixβ€”here’s what to do:

  • Go to the folder where the 64-bit executable is for Crysis (Crysis.exe). Mine was located in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin64
  • Right-click on Crysis.exe and click the “Compatibility” tab.
  • Check the box that says “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” and then choose “Windows Vista (Service Pack 2).
  • compat-mode

  • Click OK, and run the game. This got it working for me.

I hope this helps you closet Crysis fans get back to it. :)

By the way, did you find this article through Google? I also encourage you to come back to my home page regularly; I’m constantly adding new tech tips to this site. Thanks for stopping by.

Andrew Block

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  • dan

    I have read all fixed and all forums, nothing worked, tried different older direct x’s.. etc.
    By mistake i tried to launch the game from the start menu and it did launch and it does it everytime. It never gives me an error even after hours of playing and it runs on max settings. I cannot start it any other way but from the Windows Start Menu.
    Created this account just to post this.

    i5, 8GB, gfx660, ssd, win7 x64

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  • Alex Core

    you need download patch

    after that drag from bin64 folder .exe file to desktop and turn your compatibility mode to Vista

    If you want run game directx 9 forced for better fps with this command ” -dx9

    add to shortcut like this “C:Program Files (x86)Electronic ArtsCrytekCrysis WARHEADBin64Crysis64.exe” -dx9



  • one_dar18

    it works for me …
    Thank you very much … xD

  • elhadad

    the x64 game exe doesnt work for me It told me no dll files

  • Laurence Wells

    For those who are actually able to start the game, but always crashes 5 minutes in, here is what I did. I simply tuned down the graphic details. My PC runs Windows 7 Ultimate, with Hex-core AMD Phenom II processor at 3.3MHz, 4GB RAM at 1600MHz, and Nvidia 1GB GT550Ti GPU. Technically, that’s more than enough to run this game at Gamer level graphics, maybe even Enthusiast, but in order to keep the game for crashing so that I can progress, I’ve reduced it to the third setting. It just goes to show the age of this game.

  • Ankur Keelu

    This trick didnt worked ….After changing the compatibility wen i start the game it shows me nothing but a black screen…..could you please help me out here…

  • Chanaka Prasad

    I can’t play Crysis with Win7 64 bit.Pleas tell me how to play it correctly.

  • zz

    I had same problem and found a different way that worked. Just double click Crysis.exe from the following folder:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Bin64

  • Gurukiran

    Crysis does not open at all, even when I right-click and choose Run as Administrator. The cursor just rotates and stops.

    I have the 64-bit version of Windows 8 Enterprise installed on my computer and have followed the same installation steps as what I did for Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit. And I have tried every possible thing, related to the compatibility mode, troubleshoot, all stuff, but still its not working. I have uninstalled and re installed it several times.

    Is it anything to do with the patch? It was working fine on Windows 7, and now it’s not working. Is there any way to resolve this?

  • Bighead5454

    I’ve tried practically all of the suggestions I saw above and none of them have worked.

    I’m running a Windows 7 64-bit

    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630

    RAM: 8GB

    Processor: AMD FX-4100 Quad-Core Processor

    I bought Crysis, Crysis: Warhead, and Crysis 2 on Steam about 2 days ago, on a sale. When I attempt to open Crysis or Crysis: Warhead (haven’t tested #2), a window appears that takes up about 70-80% of my screen, and is completely black. After 5 or 6 seconds, it pops up that the game quit responding and quickly closes the window.

    Do you know of anything that could help?

  • Squayres

    Oh wow…I am so glad I found this. I’m not on my gaming computer (I will be tonight), but I haven’t been able to run Crysis whatsoever. And I built my computer specifically for running crysis on high-very high settings. O_O. I guessed there was a compatability problem, but I didn’t know how to approach it. I’ll update and see if it works.

  • rekonzuken

    Wow.. im so sorry Tomdog…i never check this site again after tht comment of mine a year ago..i was soo busy with my work n playing all the other great games i guess i just forgot..I think my method of solving the crisis issue is only relevant to those with the same cd contents as i have..My Crysis installation cd consists of a setup.exe file, a few data folder and a few rar files which also named data 1 to 3 so what i did was i extract all the contents from the data folder to my external harddisk bcause im not sure how big the installation file would be after the installation is finished. So after i extracted all the contents from each data folder into one new folder, i extracted the contents of each of the rar files(named data 1 to 3) into the same folder too..i found out tht those rar files stored a huge loads of items..and then i proceed with copying all the other stuff from the installation cd including the setup.exe files n making sure i didnt leave anything behind n i paste them all into the same folder too.I then activate the setup.exe inside this new folder n after the installation is finished i found out tht it fixes the problem on my previous installation in which i couldnt see the aeroplane carrying the squad though i can hear them talking, n also the weird korean soldier walking like the walking dead corpse kinda dragging their body only faster n deadlier..i was so awed looking at them i actually ended up being shot cause i was busy laughing at them peuhhh..well thts what i did maybe some may find it relevant in which i hope u will enjoy the game as much as i did..for those who didn`t im so sorry, but keep on trying n digging, the information n knowledge u get will always help u for ure next few hundred games installation process,,thanks Andrew n good luck all my gamer friends!

  • dsc4ever

    I had the same problems getting Crysis run on Windows 7 64. I used every patch, with and without no-dvd-crack. I also tried compatibilty modes, starting as administrator and all other possibilities. Of course, I visited at least 20 forums and could not find any solution. Everytime the same: black screen after starting. It was really frustrating.
    But finally it worked, namely in the following way:
    Go to folder “bin64″ (not “bin32″), and use the crysis.exe, NOT the crysis64.exe! On my computer it only works without nocd-patch, with the original crysis.exe (patch: 1.2.1). Of course, you need the original-dvd. Don’t use any compatibility mode.
    In the beginning I had problems to adjust the graphic settings. Each time I changed something, the game crashed again. But finally it works with highest levels in graphic settings.

  • Tomdog

    I wish someone could clear up with Rekonzuken posted. Exactly which RARs do you extract to which folder? There is no “Data” folder. T here are no “Data 11″ or “Data 12″ There are rar files in the root of the CD but I wouldn’t know where to extract them. Any help translating his directions would be appreciated.

  • Andrew Block

    As odd as it sounds, try Vista Service Pack 1 compatibility.

  • sarthak

    in my pc it is not showing the compatibility option so i tried with trouble shooter and did the settings to vista service pak 2 it still did not work please tell a solurion..

  • Muhammad Akbar ???? (@LordAkbar)

    ive tried it all n none of working, it drives me crazy o_0 !#&!*@^!&&*(!

  • Roger

    I just thought given it was over a year the same questions and issues its time software houses sorted things out all i can say their QA must be next to nothing but I appreciate your answering

  • Roger

    Thanks Sha$bot it was worth asking

  • Sha$bot

    Hey Roger the thing with the Steam version of Crysis is that its has *** on system req. (*** Currently only the 32-bit version is available.) So tell your son to be wary of Steam and to read the system requirements very carefully. :( sry i couldn’t have better news for your but maybe there is some way to patch it?

  • Roger

    Hi Andrew
    just found your thread my son is trying to run crysis from steam on a window 7 32bit AMD Six Core FX-6100 – 8GB 1333Mhz DDR3 – AMD 760G – Asus 6770 1GB Graphics card and he’s getting a blank screen he’s tried compatibility mode to vista but to no avail any other thing to consider

  • Andrew Block

    kinteo – if you’ve cracked Crysis, you’re on your own.

  • Andrew Block

    Hi john,

    Sounds like you’ve tried everything. It has been so long since I’ve messed with Crysis, I don’t think I know anything else to try. :(

  • john

    I have the same prob with a patched, 1.21, crysis not working on a 64bit win7. tried all suggestions presented, still have the black screen. what is irritating, however, is that when I first installed the game played without issue to the end; I did not have to mess with compatibility or anything. now, black screen just after start. I also have warhead and 2, same machine, both work.

    any ideas why crysis would fail like this. I have uninstalled/reinstalled; updated video drivers.

    what is left?



    Hey frnds,
    I experienced the exact same problem on my vista ,,,, tried evrything nothing work ,,,, i was about to give up when i found this … this is a patch avaiable to make your cyrsis run on 64bit version…. very simple download and run it ,,,,it will take you thru a quick installation and will ask for a key enter the key if it asks you to reenter the key dun bother … jus get back to your computer driver programme 86x …. and navigate to your cyris folder you will find a 64bit folder in there …click on the executable crysis file and bang…. your game will start working … by the way thanks to all the guys including Andrew who are posting on the blog to help others… cheers people πŸ˜‰

  • John

    I’m having a problem in which after a while my Crysis/Crysis Wars will freeze. It will say “Crysis Wars has stopped working” I run the game again and it freezes sooner and sooner until I can’t play for five minutes without it freezing. I believe it has something to do with the ram somehow. I have an ATI Radeon HD 5670, windows 7 64-bit,8g of ram. My game is fully patched. Any help?

  • Ronny

    well, my situation is a bit different….and the same. I downloaded my copy via origin, which also is supposed to load the game( yes tried without it got same result( it’s coming). using the 64 bit mode, i get a black screen and nada, using the origin i get a ” please log into origin message( of course i am logged in, using the exe( non 64 bit) i get a log into origin message. updated it all, zip nada zilch……….. forgive my tears.

  • kinteo

    Hi, i am new to this. pls help! I copied ‘crysis crack 64 bit’ into the ‘bin64′ folder, changed the compability mode to vista xp service pack 2 and also selected the ‘run as administrator’ option. it still didn’t work. it kept saying ‘could not run main application’ when i try to play it. it also updated the patch to version 1.2.1.
    my com is running on windows 7, ATI graphic card, intel i5.

  • esquissewei

    YOU are my SAVIOR :-)

    Your tip worked perfectly. I was so desperate to play at Crysis in windows 7 64 bit. Gosh it’s soooo cool.


  • Faolin

    Oh man, this was a horror, but I ran a game before while.. Thanks :-)

    For others: if this guide donΒ΄t help, try download updates for grafic card, updates for win 7 and try unistall program which was install with game (game market or something similar), this help me..

    Sorry for my bad english.

  • calan

    i tried all modes of compatibility and nothing is working i keep getting a black screen that hangs until i either left click on the mouse and game ends or i hit ctrl alt and delete and it shows crysis has crashed. game worked 100% when i had windows 7 ultimate 32 bit but now that i have windows 7 64 bit it won’t work at all. my graphics card is a 1gb nvidia gt 430.

  • Andrew Block

    Thanks Rekonzuken! Great tip. I’m going to edit and add to the post, OK?

  • Andrew Block

    Help!! – that’s all I got.

  • Help!!

    My specs:
    intel i5 2400s
    4 gb RAM
    windows 7 x64 ultimate
    hd 6990

    i’ve patched the game to v1.21(not before i did the 1.1 patch also).i’ve renamed documents in my documents to crysis_old.reinstalled 7(seven)times.ran on compability mode in every possible alternative with admin rights.”deleted”save games in documents in the end and tried to find the fixed.exe file fruitlessly.updated windows and all graphic drivers.allowed crysis to run with antivirus(kaspersky)and firewall also…….

    all this and i’m still in square one.crash on load(Blank screen)



  • Rekonzuken

    Hi all ..i`ve specifically became a member of this forum just bcause i think i can help with the crysis problem..I recently bought a crysis game cd after i succesfully install n played crysis 2 on my new rig the asus N55s with a nvidea gt555 graphic card. I have problems to play the game though i manage to successfully install it. I knew theres nothing wrong with my lapyop since its a new one n everything is updated so i thought tht it must be something wrong with the installation process. Well im not that far off. For those who install through cd im sure ull see in the game folder tht theres some data which are either in rar or zip format. If u look in the game installation cd itself theres some data in those two formats and these format is later carried on into the game folder after installation. what i did was i unrar or unzip all the data from the folder data, data 11 and data 12 or whatever their names are in ure cd and merge them into one big folder in the game folder and walla…i could play the game on window 7 with no problem. No need to update anything first as i did tht with version 1.0 and played it with no problem at all. Give it a try i hope tht can help .

  • Andrew Block

    The game isn’t crap, but it is really buggy on Windows 7. You’re still experiencing the crash I take it?

  • Viciouz

    I’ve tried all the game fixes and still this shit don’t work the game is crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • g

    it works for me
    Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit
    crysis 64bit/32bit
    core 2 duo
    nividia 320m

  • Danny

    Hey Andrew,

    Unfortunately I have exactly the same problem as James in his comment on May 13th, 2010 – 15:11.

    Well I tried all suggestions and ideas I found on any forums. It just doesn’t work. But the interesting thing is, that this problem appears with any game I tried. Older games as NFS Most Wanted, Carbon, but also newer ones as COD Black Ops – everywhere the same issue. DX10 updated, newest version, compatibility modes tried in every possible combination, 32bit, 64bit version, I don’t even know anymore what all I tried – unsuccessful…

    Please, help me out somebody? What is it, that under one Windows 7 64bit computer I can’t run anything and under a small netbook with also Windows 7 64bit version I can run all of those games without any problems.

    Help me please!!!!!

    Thanks in advance

  • Bhavesh

    Thankssss alot
    I like 64bit applicationsssssss…
    thanks again

  • odyody

    i downloaded a fixed.exe from a game site and worked perfect to me

  • Franco

    Worked for me man. Thanks a lot!

  • Andrew Block

    Ridge, Tarek:

    Guys I’m sorry, I don’t want to leave you hanging, but if my aforementioned fix didn’t work, I’m not the expert in troubleshooting Crysis crashes. I’d suggest a thorough Google search.

  • Ridge

    still not working dude :(
    core i3 2.93 ghz
    4gb ram ddr3
    gt220 1gig ddr3
    Hope u can help me!!
    it still crash…

  • Tarek

    forget to tell u that i don’t have a file called (crysis 46) which u talking about

  • Tarek

    hey man, i tried every thing u said and it still not working i have Nvidia card 1g and core i5 , 4g ram, directx 11 and i playing crysis 2 on the same pc but i love crysis and wanna play it, can u help me plz, there is message says that(crysis stop working) plz answer me


    pls help me i do its also same promblem.
    computer is window vista

  • Andrew Block

    Hobi, I’d agree, but it’s not going to happen, sadly. They’ve moved on to Crysis 2. Heck, they stopped patch the original Crysis once Warhead was released. :(

  • Hobi

    I tried that and it did work, atleast game start. Still it did crash if i take hit when enemy is shooting.
    DX9 mode did work and also if i drop details from High to Medium, it wont crash.
    Why they don fix that with patch? Google is full of messages that Crysis is crashing or it wont even start. Vista mode is not right solution, they need to fix that game

  • ryan

    pls help me i have tried all of the above suggestions

  • http://nono kevin

    i have crysis updated to 1.21 on a 64bit windows 7,cpu i.7,2x 560 t nvidias,loads of ram,loads of power,however i can only get the 32 bit version to work and run smoothly on my pc,i have tried compatibility mode for the 64 bit version and it does load up,however it lags very bad,no matter what setting i choose it is unplayable,i even added a paul dll file as another threader recommended,however it makes no difference,i really want to see the game run in 10x,i have no problems with the 9x version,its very smooth and the graphics are awesome in high settings,is it possible to get 10x working on the 32bit version?any help will be appreciated,thx

  • Ahmed de Rossi

    Hey dude! thx for the advice, I knew it was something wrong with compatibility…ran in on XP SP3, but the right one was Vista SP2 xd thx !

  • Blow

    Nice fix, men… great advise, keep it on .

  • Pali

    Thanks so much. It worked for me!

  • Andrew Block

    Glad it worked!

  • Anthony

    OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH. I tried fixing this for my friends for like several hours, then I found this and it worked just like that. How ironic, :(

    Thank you!

  • Dark

    i tried everything and when i do i get failed to load game dll! i cant figure out wat to do

  • Andrew Block

    Hey everyone, just wanted to say, if you try this tweak, and it doesn’t work, please leave details. Did you try anything else? What are your system specs? What happens when you try to run the game? Does it go into the game, not load at all, etc.?

    Generally I don’t mess around with Crysis much any more, so I’m certainly not the expert. I’ll do my best to answer your question, but please provide more detail than “It doesn’t work.” One thing I’d suggest is trying XP SP3 compatibility mode if the Vista tweak doesn’t work. Also, of course get the latest version of the Nvidia or ATI drivers for your video card, and run Windows Update, yada yada.

  • Andrew Block

    Hey Erik, it’s frustrating when you invest in an uber-machine and it can’t run uber games! I know the feeling. Glad I could save you some angst. :)

  • Erik

    Andrew, this was a great fix for my alienware m11x. I have pretty much max components and was really frustrated with not being able to play crysis and crysis warhead on anything higher than medium settings. Hopefully this won’t be an issue moving forward, as Windows 7 becomes more widespread. I was about to create a separate partition and install XP just to circumvent my 64-bit OS. Thanks a lot for saving me time and frustration.

  • vignesh

    i got i5.and nvedia gt325M.not working,.help

  • Andrew Block


    I’ve never heard of that specific error. This sounds really generic, but have installed all Windows Updates?

  • Droom

    I have a win 7 64bit and ATI HD 4250, Crysis works only in 32 bit mode, but when i want load the game I see only black screen and nothing more, also I cant install 1.2 patch, it always said “cannot find st” can anybody help please?I tried to change compatibiliti to Vista service pack2 and try to update my graphic card but nothing change…

  • Cheesy

    It worked thnx.

  • Ayd

    doesn’t work for me neither.

  • Marc

    doesn”t work for me, I tried the Vista compatibility mode, that the same error

  • Scott

    Thanks so much πŸ˜€ It worked for me too πŸ˜€

  • Andrew Block

    No prob Karl – enjoy. :)

  • Karl

    Hey thanks dude! I was about to uninstall the game after trying a lot of stuff on various forums. But this works fine,no crashes!!

  • Andrew Block

    Victor – do you have AVG Antivirus by any chance? That has been know to cause that error with Crysis and Win7….

  • Andrew Block

    Earl – so blowing away all the save data fixed it??

  • Andrew Block

    Reid – Is there a DirectInput setting you can change somewhere?

  • Victor

    I tried everything mentioned in this thread, and it still doesn’t even start. “CRYSIS HAS STOPPED WORKING.”

  • im earl

    i just deleted stuff from(documents/my games/crysis and it worked instantly

  • Reid

    I downloaded a Crysis bundle on Steam because of all of the hype and rave over the past 3 years.

    Crysis Warhead downloaded first, so i played it for a bit just to test it out. Then I decided that Warhead, being a sequel, would be more fun if i played the first one first.

    I start the game, watch the first cutscene, get dropped into the air and the subtitle says: move the mouse to look around. Lots of movement but no looking around. I land in water, it now tells me to move with WASD, like normal. Lots of WASD clicking but no movement. In frustration I do the thing we all do in all games when bored/shit doesnt work and start repeated clicking jump. OMG i swim to the surface. OMG i bob up and down.

    WTF, it clearly runs, but with no mouse and movement control. Looks amazing, sounds amazing and so fourth.

    Quad-Core i5 750, Win7 64bit, 8GB Ram. Lame ass card: NVID GTS 250, purchased cos it was dirt cheap and i planned on buying a second one to do SLI when games dont run well on it alone.

    I changed the settings you said and it didnt work. Exited Steam, opened Steam. Game doesnt open. Run from the .EXE file game and steam starts an update DL for it. It was already the latest patch… Maybe just maybe they are giving me some 64 bit files, but that shouldnt take 1hr to DL.

  • Steve

    @Mike – One of the other posters had problems with Crysis from Steam – seems they don’t include the 64bit files. Just 32 bit… Might pay to check?
    I have it running Ok on Win7 x64,2xHD5770 crossfired, 6GB, i7-960. I was having some probs with it crashing occasionally, so I’m trying the compatibility fix now…

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  • Andrew Block

    Mike – um, maybe your system is too good for Crysis? 24GB of RAM? Really?? Why don’t you send me the system and I’ll test it out. πŸ˜‰

    Kidding. You obviously have a system that can run it, LOL. Have you tried an uninstall/reinstall of the NVIDIA drivers? Sound card drivers? Windows Update current? Just the basic stuff is all I can think of.

    Maybe your uber powerful system is overheating? I’m guessing those 24GB of ram (probably 18GB+ of which is sitting idle) are pumping out a lot of heat! Otherwise, do you have a good CPU cooler?

  • Mike

    Yarghhh, ok I have win 7 ult 64 bit. Geforce 580, core i-7 950 and 24gb (yes 24gb) of ram. Their is 0 reason why this game is crashing on me yet it is…. i have set the compatability, reinstalled it 2x off of steam and it still crashes at the first cutscene when u first find ur buddy mangled and u burn the suit. HELP!!!!

  • Andrew Block

    Sorry for my delayed response…I mean, I thought ATI premium graphics were insufficient to run the game.

  • Bruno

    Andrew, thanks so much for the great info. I was becoming seriously annoyed with my win 7. Thanks again.

  • rock

    i dont know nething about the question u asked….bt will u suggest me to do saomethin for the game to start…i mean i read bout patch n something….wats that?

  • Andrew Block


    Happy to try and help, but please give me some details. :) Thanks.

  • Andrew Block


    Does Crysis work even with “ATI premium graphics”?

  • Marko

    My crysis doesn’t even start… I tried ur suggestion bt it’s not starting…. Nothin responds wen I click on crysis.exe

  • rock

    pl rep asap

  • rock

    my crysis doesn’t even start….i hve windows 7 ati radeon premium graphics…intel i3 …64bit….when i click on the icon it does not respond…

  • Andrew Block


    Tell me the error you are getting or the problem you have when trying to run the game.

  • Andrew Block


    That’s what I did here. What else are you looking for?

  • Andrew Block


    Thanks for the tip. I never had to mess with the Crysis64.exe file, but if it works for you, then I’m sure it will help some other people out, too.

  • Andrew Block

    Kurt, are you talking about the heads up display (HUD) within the game? Sorry but I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

  • equazcion

    There are TWO .exe’s in that Bin64 folder: Crysis.exe and Crysis64.exe.

    SET THEM BOTH to compatibility mode for Vista SP2. Also check “Run this program as an administrator.”

    THEN run Crysis.exe.

    (Do not run Crysis64.exe — it won’t work, and it isn’t supposed to work).

    Crysis.exe executes Crysis64.exe, so basically if you’re having problems there’s no telling which one of the two is causing them. You need to try fixes on both of these files. After following the above steps I finally got Crysis working on my Windows 7 64-bit system.

    And yes, I have an ATI card (5830).

  • Kurt

    What is Gamer OSD. What do U do with it. Pls

  • San3d

    I have tried all compatibility mode, no one worked for me
    I have a core2 Duo with nvidia 8600 graphics card system, Windows7 ultimate 64bit installed

  • paul

    for those of us who are hard of thinking can you step by step the solution please?

  • San

    Thanks a lot πŸ˜‰ It is working now after reading your instructions.. using Windows 7 64 BIT ;)) Thanks again πŸ˜‰

  • Andrew Block


    Thanks. I am glad you are able to get back to it.

  • Piotr Krzyzek

    WOOT! Awesome solution, so simple as well. Here I was thinking x64 didn’t work or something! You saved the day! Thanks! Off to fight evil aliens in HD here I come!

  • Andrew Block

    @god bless u & Nomi,

    Glad it worked for you guys. Happy to help! :)

  • Nomi

    God bless your soul buddy…it worked for me :):):):):)::):):):):)

  • god bless u!!

    thanks a lot man! it works! thaaank uuuuu!

  • Andrew Block


    Glad you finally got it working. Sounds like you figured it out – so GamerOSD was the culprit?

  • Andrew Block


    Cool. Another happy Crysis player! :)

  • BaDSeCToR

    Running i3 540 and Radeon 5750 Win7 64bit. Works for me. Thx

  • Steven

    nvm got it… stupid program (GamerOSD)

  • Steven

    k its patched and not working

  • Andrew Block


    You say you have Crysis 1.0? I’d definitely recommend installing the Crysis 1.2 patch. Just Google it. Also, there’s a 1.21 hotfix, but I think it’s for a very specific issue.

    I’d do that before doing any other troubleshooting.

  • Steven

    This is drivin me crazy!!

    Windows 7 x64, i5 750 @ 2.67, Nvidia geforce gts 250 latest drivers, crysis 1.0 both the 32 and 64 bit exes lead to a black screen (both at compatibility with Vista SP 2) that stays there forever and when i ctrl + alt + del it shows Crysis has stopped working…


  • ZIAD

    aaah :( , thx for replying Andrew

  • Andrew Block

    @ Jakub Vitek,

    What specific video card do you have?

  • Andrew Block

    Hey ZIAD,

    Hmm, not sure on the 64-bit no cd patch. Sorry.

  • ZIAD

    Thank you very very much the game run perfectly …damn i like this game … but i have another problem maybe u can help me to solve it…i am a lazy man I bought Crysis game …i like to install games and play it directly without putting and removing games DVD s every time i want to play …. on windows XP 32bit i used no CD crack and the game was working fine … but when i switched to Win7 64Bit i didn’t find a no cd crack … if u know a working nocdCrack pleeeeease reply thank you in advance…

  • Jakub Vitek

    heloo guys my graphic card is nvidia but i try change compatibility to windows vista sp2 but it not working have we another reason??

  • Andrew Block


    Will Crysis run on an Intel HD graphics card? I don’t know anything about that card, so I don’t know if it’s decent or not.

  • Andrew Block


    But doesn’t that blow away your save game data?

  • Tyndall

    When I load up Crysis it starts messing with my resolution in a black screen then becomes unresponsive. I have the latest updates for my graphics, that I know of anyway. Win 7, I3-350, 4 GB RAM, Intel HD graphics card.

    I’ve tried running in DX9 and the compatibility fix. I also uninstalled and reinstalled. Anymore ideas?

  • MrMuffty

    Just had feedback from Steam who seem to have found a fix:

    renaming \Documents\My Games\Crysis\ to \Crysis_old\

    Seems to have fixed it? How odd…..

  • Andrew Block

    So Warhead worked fine but original Crysis doesn’t?


  • MrMuffty

    I have 2 ATI HD 4870 installed (I know its a lot but I got them cheap!) so theres about 8gig Ram all in all with a pretty modern motherboard and coolling system – should be compatable – I checked the EA system checker and it states my PC was more than capable – just had the drivers and chip drivers updated (PC is pretty new anyhow).

    Just completed Warhead – no issues?

  • Andrew Block

    Hey again MrMuffty,

    What video card do you have? Any overclocking going on? I know Crysis is super sensitive to OC’ing.

    Oddly enough, the 64-bit version of Crysis Warhead crashed on me the other day. LOL.

  • MrMuffty

    Hi Thanks

    Just tried all of the above – nothing. I have aleady re-installed all my drivers – which should not be an issue anyhow as my PC is only a few months old but I did it anyhow – I have tried even starting under administrator permissions and every compatability mode there is – and I must have re installed the darn thing about 5 times – it just wont work on Win7? Strange as it did when I first bought it for about 2hours?

    I have logged the issue with Steam however the feedback already given by them was pretty straight forward – they wont accept the fact the game doesnt work on this format – I noticed they have posted a stipulation hidden away at the bottom of their pages that the game is only 32bit – but that surely would affect play? I have various other games all very high end that are on 32bit Vista????

    Looking through other forums looks like the only thing that could fix this would be the 64bit files? Steam wont sell them – and I;m sure as h**LL not going to download cracked files etc…..would EA games provide the files?

  • Andrew Block

    Hey MrMuffty,

    Not exactly sure, but here are a few thoughts.

    Regarding the 64-bit version:

    #1 – Do you have automatic updating of the game enabled? In Steam, right-click on Crysis, select ‘Properties’, then click the ‘Updates’ tab. Make sure ‘Always keep this game up to date’ is selected. I do not have Crysis in Steam, although I do have Crysis Warhead in Steam, and there is a Bin64 folder.

    #2 – I have heard on various forums that there is no 64 bit version. You might be out of luck if that’s the case. :( Do you have more than 4GB of RAM? If not, I wouldn’t sweat it.

    Regarding getting it to stop crashing:

    #1 – Did you try XP compatibility mode as I mentioned in my post?

    #2 – Maybe try deleting the whole game and re-downloading through Steam? (this should preserve your save games)

    #3 – gotta ask: do you have the latest drivers for your video card, latest Windows Updates? Anything weird running in the background that could be causing a conflict?

    Those are just some thoughts. Hopefully something there sparks something. Let me know how it goes.

  • MrMuffty

    Hi – Just purchased Crysis off Steam – I have a Win7 64bit PC. I was able to play the game for about 2hrs until it crashed my whole PC – then wouldnt load at all. Re-installed it about three times and able to get through to key-mapping section at which point it would crash again. It now wont load at all and Win7 gives the same feedback as above -programe not working! I have looked through my Bin folder for this game and looks like Steam has only sold me the bloody 32bit version only – no Bin64 folders! What a scam! Anyhow – how the hell do I get it to load? What do I need to do? Apart from never buy anthing from Steam again…..

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  • Andrew Block


    Cool. Sometimes the most elusive fixes are the simplest ones, right? :)

  • Smurf

    Yay! This worked. I felt like I’d tried everything. To think it had to be set to vista service pack 2 compatibility. Thanks a bunch.

  • Andrew Block


    I would uninstall and reinstall the game. I don’t think this will affect your saved games in any way. Sounds like a corrupt install to me.

  • James

    Also having a prob with Crysis on Win 7 64-Bit.

    Have installed it onto a SSD. Have a 32 bit & 64 bit shortcut on the desktop.

    The 64 bit won’t launch at all (even from the program folder). The 32 bit one came up with 2 errors regarding missing DLL files. So downloaded them & placed them in. However now the 32 bit one launches. I’ve started a new game. On the cut scene when they were talking on the plane, it crashed. So reloaded it & it then moved on a bit. It goes to a cut scene when a female starts talking about North Koreans taking control & not realizing what they have. I get an error message & it closes. Here is a screenshot:

    Have tried it half a dozen times since & it won’t go past that bit.

    I’m running it on a Q6600 cpu, 4gb ram, 1gb HD 5870. Currently installed to a spare 32GB SSD.

    Has anyone else seen this problem before?

    Cheers, James..

  • Andrew Block

    @ scottish mark,

    LOL – I gotta pick up an i3 or i7 one of these days. :)

  • scottish mark

    PS. core 2 dou runs all on high. If you want mega rez, get a quad core, core 2 quad or i3. god bless us every one. lol

  • scottish mark

    I’ve got windows 7 64bit. If you run the win32 crack and launch from the bin 32 folder, it will still run 64 recognised hardware (above 3 gig ram etc), and the game will run in 32 bit emulating mode.

  • led

    It works. Only you have to activate Windows Vista Service Pack 2 compatibility mode in crysis.exe archive at Bin64 folder.
    It resolve Reckoning crash level too.

  • Andrew Block


    Could you be more specific? :)

  • Mauzer

    dont work anyway :(

  • BeeRi

    Unfortunately I don’t have a utility to monitor the card. I haven’t tried the 32 bit exe yet. I’m waiting on a couple of Geforce 250 cards. I’ll report back when I get them in

  • Andrew Block


    Two things:

    #1 – Have you tried running the both the 32-bit and 64-bit versions? Do they both crash?

    #2 – Sort of sounds like an overheating issue, too. Do you have a utility that can monitor the temps of your CPU, GPU, etc.? Since it works for an hour and then crashes, that sounds more like a hardware issue than software. I could be wrong, of course. :)

  • BeeRi

    My copy of crysis works but it crashes after like an hour of playing it. I have win7 x64 with 4 gigs of ram, a geforce 8800 gts 640mb and a amd athlon II x64. An error message comes up saying that crysis stopped working and goes through the motions of trying to solve it but doesn’t and then the game closes. I have all the updates installed including 1.2.1 (although I did hear that this could cause the 64bit exe to be unstable and it only fixes the 32bit version)

  • Andrew Block

    @rio, Andira Muttakim:

    Glad it worked! :)

  • Andira Muttakim

    thx it’s work fine to me…

  • rio

    you are great :)

  • Rick

    Why would Windows 7 64 and a Radeon 4850 be the “worst possible combination”? That’s a load of horseshit.

    I’ve run Win7 64 with 4830, 4850, 4870 and 4890. They all ran it perfectly in 64 bit dx10 mode and none of them ever crashed. I played the game extensively with all.

  • Novi Sad

    I’ve got Windows 7 Ultimate x64, ATi Radeon HD5850 and I had the same problem, but Your tip solved him.. Thanx a lot… :)

  • Andrew Block

    @ Andy,

    Thanks for the tip! I have run the game in DX9 mode and honestly, there are only a few times I can actually tell the difference. :)

  • Andy

    Adrian: Try running the game in DirectX 9 mode, it worked for me fine (I have Q6600 ATI 4870 and Windows7 ULT. 64). It is less spectacular though…
    to run it in dx9 mode, start the game like this: Crysis.exe -dx9

  • LJ

    thx it’s work you are amazing

  • Andrew Block

    Adrian, that sucks. I’ve got an NVIDIA card so I can’t really figure out the ATI thing. Any luck in any forums or anything?

  • Adrian

    Ye, not working for me neither… I’ve got the worst possible combination for Crysis… Windows 7 Ultimate x64 and an ATi Radeon HD4850… It’s not working well on x64 version of Win7, but that’s fixable. All tho if u’ve got an ATi graphic card, u can kiss ur copy of Crysis goodbye. Neither one patch doesn’t fix the problem.

  • pandamax2

    not working for me tho

    Win 7 64bit
    intel Core2Duo E7300 2.66Ghz
    Asus Striker ii Formula
    9600GT SLI
    OCZ 4GB DDR2

  • Andrew Block


    Thanks for the comment. I’m glad it worked for you. I was actually surprised it didn’t work without that fix, since it ran perfectly under Vista, but oh well!

  • Nerevar

    Thanks I was going crazy. I was running the 32bit version under Win 7 64bit and it would constantly crash after ~20 minutes. I have a q6700 oc’d to 3.3GHz and I thought that the OC was unstable and I’ve been tweaking settings thinking that was it. Turns out the 32bit version doesn’t run properly under Windows 7 64bit. Since you told me that fix the game loads and runs perfectly…no crashes! Thanks for the good post.