Excel 2013 trick: show time as Days : Hours : Minutes : Seconds

Here’s a helpful Excel trick that makes your time formatting look prettified. I use an attention-based metric in Google Analytics that shows, in a nutshell, the amount of time that users spend actively engaged with content. In Excel, I wanted to show the amount of attention garnered as a result of the various referring sources […]

Four must-do tweaks in your Google Analytics account

Google Analytics is an incredibly powerful (and free, for most of us) tool that enables you to get a wealth of data about your websites and your clients’ websites. And while Google Analytics works really well with no configuration, there are several simple tweaks that will make its data more powerful, more useful, and more […]

Another way to make your bounce rate lower

A while ago, I blogged about using Justin Cutroni’s script to measure attention using Google Analytics. As a happy side effect, the site-wide bounce rate goes WAY DOWN. There is another, even simpler way to lower the site-wide bounce rate, without measuring attention. Here’s how. Simply place this code into your Google Analytics tracking code, […]